Hartmann Gallus and Partners
Hummelbergstraße 7
70195 Stuttgart

Legal Form

Partnership company (AG Stuttgart, PR 720162)

Authorised representative partner

Ulrich Hartmann, Thomas Gallus, Stefan Metzger,
Thomas Lauser, Jochen Messerle

Headquarters of the society


VAT number

DE 158 234 525


You find the details on the making contact with Hartmann Gallus and Partners in the area of "contact".

Job title, admittance and responsible chambers

The job title lawyer is awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany. As far as not indicated differently, all lawyers of Hartmann Gallus and Partners are authorised in the Federal Republic of Germany as lawyers and are members of the Stuttgart Bar Association, Königstraße 14, 70173 Stuttgart (info@rak-stuttgart,

Professional liability insurance

The professional liability insurance has been effected with Allianz Versicherungs-AG in 10900 Berlin. The spatial scope of the insurance covers activities in the member countries of the European Union and thus meets at least the requirements of § 51 German Federal Lawyers Act (BRAO).

Rules of professional conduct

The substantial rules of professional conduct are among others the federal lawyers act, the rules of professional conduct, the specialist advocate order and the lawyer' compensation act. You can find them under under the category of "laws applicable to a profession".

  • BRAO - federal lawyers act
  • BORA - rules of professional conduct for lawyers
  • FAO - specialist advocate order
  • RVG - lawyer' compensation act

Settlement of disputes out of court

In case of disputes between lawyers and their ordering parties, there is, upon request, the possibility of settlement of disputes out of court at the regional Stuttgart Bar Association (as per § 73, para. 2, no. 3 as foreseen in § 73, para. 5 BRAO) or at the lawyers' arbitration board (§ 191, f BRAO) at the Federal Bar Association, to be found in the Internet over the home page of the Federal Bar Association (,