Ulrich Hartmann

Lawyer and Partner

Further qualification

  • Specialist solicitor in building and architecture right


Main practice areas

  • International and national private building law
  • International and national architecture and engineering law
  • International and national real-estate law
  • Laws with respect to the General Terms and Conditions of business


  • Member of the Bar Council Stuttgart
  • Member the of the architecture and engineering law working committee of the German advocate association
  • Member of the German Association of Construction Law (Registered Association)
  • Member of the German advocate association
  • Member of the examining board "specialist solicitor in construction and architecture law" of the Bar Council Stuttgart



  • Consultant and speaker of the chamber of crafts of the Stuttgart region - Skilled Crafts International
  • Consultant advocate of the association of private building owners
  • Co-author of the reference book “The legally secure formulation of international contracts for purchase and sales“