Building law (private)

From the perspective of building owners, house construction has a high – often existential – economic and ideational meaning. But house construction is also associated with considerable economic and personal risks for the building constructor. Therefore a building scheme requires a faultless planning and its professional implementation.

In the case of quarrels between parties regarding existing or putative defects a competent and solution-oriented legal support is imperative.

Our specialist solicitors advise and represent building contractors as well as building owners nationwide.

With regard to building contract law, we enforce the liability claims, work wage claims and safeguarding of building claims of our clients or defend them of such claims. We also support building owners and others involved during the construction phase. In this way we can prepare and safeguard the enforcement of future claims regarding liability or work wage. Yet, it is of paramount importance to us that legal disputes at a later stage are avoided. Furthermore we formulate contracts among others for general contractors, general over-recipients, subcontractors, or for a consortium of companies.

In the case of a conflict we strive to achieve not only a legally adequate, but also an economically acceptable result.

This applies particularly to the legal representation in construction processes, as these turn often out to be expensive and long. Our specialist solicitors have the necessary process experience. Therefore they are able to recognise chances and risks of the proceedings and develop with the client the right strategy concerning the further procedure.