Building law (public)

We advise and represent our clients in all matters concerning the public building law. If necessary, we cooperate closely with lawyers from the department of private building law.

The scope of our activities is comprehensive both out of court as well as in court.

We accompany and advise clients during the whole building permission stage of a construction project in the pre-trial proceedings. For this purpose, we check with the planners the relevant documents before these are presented to the respective authorities.

For affected neighbours as per § 55 LBO (state building regulations), we deal with objections concerning the proceeding to permit the construction. Already in this early stage we strive to achieve mutually agreed solutions with the respective authorities – as far as this is possible – that contribute to the welfare of all ones involved. We would also negotiate with responsible clerks on the municipal level, as well as with district offices and regional councils.

We also advise and represent our clients in opposition proceedings, in complaint proceedings as well as in appeal procedures before the Administrative Courts, Higher Administrative Courts and the Federal Administrative Court.

Our activities include comprehensive customer support in questions of public fire protection as well as with regard to official inhibition and demolition disposals.

Moreover, we check the legality of rules. This includes for example to check the legality of the building schemes that are prepared by the authorities. We also examine the possibilities of making use of the official stipulations in the best possible way. Concerning this matter we are particularly specialised to evaluate and examine the conformity of advertising constructions with regulations concerning planning and building. We work on this matter nationwide.