Trademark law and copyright

Trademark law

We support our clients to create, defend and commercialise their national and international brands. We also register their brands in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Before registration, we advise you regarding the protection of your brands and regarding possible conflicts with existing brands.

We prepare the registration with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office as well as with the Office of Harmonization in the internal market in Alicante (EU brand) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, (IPR brand). Our worldwide network of lawyers supports clients in front of the respective national trade mark offices and in front of courts.

We defend the trademarks of our clients in Germany and worldwide. In the case of the violation of property rights, we advise and represent our clients out of court as well as in court (summary and principal proceedings).

Our clients are supported by our worldwide network of lawyers in the case of legal disputes abroad. In this way our clients have access to know-how regarding national trademark law in the respective countries.


Copyright protects the works of creative people, architects, photographers, composers, musicians, music companies, authors and painters.

We formulate contracts regarding the granting and transmission of licenses and rights of use for publishing houses and others. In the context of unjustified admonishment and alleged copyright violations in the Internet, we support consumers nationwide out of court and in court.

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