Rent law and property ownership

Rent law

The Federal Court of Justice permanently introduces changes to the German rent law. It is important to notice, that these legal developments can make regulations in existing rental contracts invalid. We take the current jurisdiction into account when formulating commercial rental contracts. Yet legal advice in this matter can also be of importance for tenants. For instance it could be that some duties of the tenant are no longer valid under current jurisdiction. We advise you in this matter. Our specialist solicitor in this area is also a lecturer and author. Therefore he is always informed about the current jurisdiction.

Property ownership

Concerning legal questions of property ownership it is important to take into account past sentences. We advise our clients in all legal matters regarding home ownership. Our main emphasis lies on the legal aspects of the purchase of property ownership. We also specialise in warranty claims. Thereby we advise particularly property developers. Moreover we are active out of court and in court regarding disputes between property owners and the property management and regarding the contestation of resolutions. Thereby we consult property managements as well as ownership communities in all legal questions.

Responsible advocates