Criminal law

We advise and represent our clients in all areas of criminal law.

This comprises among other things the defence against financial authorities and other authorities or courts in the following areas:

Advice on crime prevention (compliance advice, in-house clearing up, crisis prevention, risk management)

Economic criminal law (unfaithfulness, fraud, corruption, criminal insolvency offences, as for instance bankruptcy, delay in filling for insolvency)

Criminal tax law (tax evasion, regulation of taxation)

Criminal offences in traffic (drunkenness, dangerous and aggressive driving, hit-and-run, environmental criminal law)

Furthermore we take on mandatory defences or lead adhesion proceedings. We represent our clients as incidental action advocate or as victim advocate.

Furthermore we take on duty defences or lead adhesion proceedings.

We represent you at an incidental action or as a victim advocate. We fill a complaint or start for you a private complaints procedure.

Responsible advocates